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Comprehensive Digital Risk Protection Service for Your Customers

Your customers are under attack by threat actors using their exposed credentials and personal information for criminal activities, such as Identity Theft, New Account Fraud, Account Takeover (ATO), and other cybercrimes. 

Our Intelligence API enables you to leverage our curated data to deliver high-value, actionable alerts that accelerate and simplify your customers’ response to threats such as:

Create new revenue streams and enhance your current services with Constella’s unmatched threat visibility and industry expertise.

The industry’s largest database of compromised identities and exposed personal information.





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Partner with Constella to:

  • Search and Monitor Across Multiple Threat Vectors
  • Enhance Customer Experience
  • Improve Operational Efficiency and Reduce Costs
  • Accelerate Customer Acquisition
  • Stand Out from Competition
Five of the top 10 best in class* Identity Monitoring companies in the world rely on our superior data and flexible business model to deliver the actionable threat intelligence and alerts their customers want.

*Javelin 2022 Identity Protection Service Provider Scorecard

Constella Powers the Top Five Overall Leaders

in Fraud Management

Build Your Business with Constella

You can quickly deliver new monitoring services to your customers using the Constella Intelligence API. We make it easy for you to build out your service portfolio and increase revenue streams by integrating our data with your technology stack.

Deep and Dark Web (DDW) Identity Monitoring

Detects exposure of consumer information in anonymous and gated sections of the internet not accessible with traditional search technology.

Monitor 40+ pre-defined assets, such as passwords, bank cards, driver's licenses, SSN/National IDs, with the ability to add more.

Phishing And Botnet Protection

Identifies compromised credentials or personal data as it is harvested by active malware attacks/botnets or phishing campaigns.

Alert your customers before threat actors can exploit the harvested data for ATO, Identity Theft or monetize it on the DDW.

Domain Monitoring

Uncovers data related to specific businesses, such as compromised employee credentials, Dun & Bradstreet number, Employee Identification/Tax Identification.

Alert your business customers to compromised corporate credentials and exposed confidential data before cybercriminals use it for fraud and other crimes.

Surface Web Identity Monitoring

Monitors for exposed credentials and PII in social networks, search engines, forums and blogs, file sharing, and source code repositories.

Alert your customers to initiate takedown and/or mitigate the risk of their data being disclosed or weaponized.

ATO Monitoring

Detects compromised usernames, emails, passwords, and other credentials used for ATO attacks (such as credential stuffing and credential cracking).

Alert your customers to reset passwords before threat actors can weaponize of the data.

Password Monitoring

Compares your customers’ and employees’ passwords with compromised passwords found across the DDW.

Prevent the use of frequently compromised passwords before your customers or employees create their accounts, reducing the risk of ATO.

Engineered to Help You Deliver Value to Your Customers

Our Intelligence API operates behind the scenes of your products and services, enhancing your capabilities, data richness, and reputation. We designed it to help you build trust with your customers and solve their problems quickly and effectively.

Partner Friendly Technology

Partner Friendly Technology

Partner friendly technology that integrates easily into broader security and identity protection offerings that help ensure customer confidence and loyalty.

Exceptional Data Quality

Exceptional Data Quality

Exceptional data quality—the Constella Intelligence Team validates, verifies, disambiguates, and analyzes the identity data we collect to ensure all alerts are accurate, timely and dependable.

Built-in Legal & Regulatory Compliance

Built-in Legal & Regulatory Compliance

Built-in legal and regulatory compliance including GDPR support, SOC 2 and PCI certification, and US Government guidance on ethical harvesting and processing of threat intelligence.

Engineered to Support Your Operations

Engineered to Support Your Operations

Engineered to support your operations, including prioritized notifications for major breaches and notification throttling to manage alert levels during active attacks.

Why Constella Data is Better

Constella Intelligence is home to the largest and most accurate collection of curated identity breach data on the planet.

With over 180 billion breached attributes and 124 billion curated identity records spanning 125 countries and 53 languages, we help our OEM Data Partners anticipate digital risks and safeguard their customers. The Constella team has spent years developing the tools, techniques, and relationships to automatically and continuously monitor the Surface, Deep, and Dark Web for sensitive data from across the world, at scale.


Constella data lake graphic


Our threat intelligence team analyzes, verifies, normalizes, cleans, and scores the risk of each breach to provide you with the most accurate alerts in the industry. It assesses the risk severity of each breach based on multiple factors, including:
  • Sensitivity of information
  • Authenticity of data
  • Number of individuals impacted
  • Age of sensitive identity attribute exposed
This information is critical for identity theft protection and cyber security providers as well as cyber insurance, security, and fraud vendors to protect and alert customers on their exposures. Organizations rely on Constella data for financial intelligence for anti-fraud, anti-money laundering, and know-your-customer programs for preventing account takeover activity. We also enable cybercrime investigators to operationalize breached data to gain intelligence on adversaries and threat actors.

Interested in powering your solution with the industry’s largest curated collection of compromised identities and exposed PII?