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Join the Constella Partner Program to bring new opportunities and growth to your business.

Deliver Value as a Constella Partner

Partners are the key to our success. To support you, we designed a partner-first program that makes it simple, predictable, and profitable to help our mutual customers address this emerging digital threat.

Program Benefits

We give you the tools, training and the go-to-market support you need to build your business.

Grow Your Revenue

Grow Your Revenue

Build Your Program

Build Your Program

Marketing & Sales Resources

Marketing & Sales Resources

Help Your Customers Prevent and Combat Data Breaches

The Constella Partner Program helps you grow your own digital risk protection business.

By combining your security expertise with Constella’s differentiated technology and partner program, you can effectively safeguard your customers digital presence, and prevent a costly attack.

Account Takeover Detection

Detects compromised usernames, emails, passwords, and other credentials used for ATO attacks (such as credential stuffing).

Ransomware Exposure

Detects exposure of consumer information in anonymous and gated sections of the internet not accessible with traditional search technology.

Impersonation & Reputation Attacks

Identify compromised credentials and other PII at the time they are stolen to alert customers before it's sold on the Dark Web.

Identity Theft Detection

Monitor 40+ pre-defined assets, such as passwords, bank cards, driver's licenses, SSN/National IDs, with the ability to add more. 

Grow Your Business with Constella

Enhance the value of your threat protection service with cutting edge cybersecurity technology powered by the most extensive breach and social data collection on the planet.

Partner with Constella to:

  • Search and Monitor Across Multiple Threat Vectors
  • Enhance Customer Experience
  • Improve Operational Efficiency and Reduce Costs
  • Accelerate Customer Acquisition
  • Stand Out from Competition

“With Constella, we uncovered the real identity of a bad actor that led us to a criminal group selling credentials from our financial institution in a matter of hours, saving us +$100M from identifying fraudulent credit cards.”

– Top 5 Global Bank

Comprehensive Digital Risk Solutions

Digital risk protection across the entire threat landscape. Detect and respond to external threats faster with real-time, actionable intelligence.

Employee & Executive Protection

Employee & Executive Protection

Protect 1,000s of key employees and executives against cyberattacks targeting your organization before bad actors disrupt your operations.

Brand Protection

Brand Protection

Proactively defend against threats targeting your brand & reputation by gaining deeper insights into the behavior and activities involved in influencing a cyber-attack.

Identity Monitoring

Identity Monitoring

Reduce the risks created from exposed data and identity information found in open sources on the surface, social, deep, and dark web.

Geopolitical Protection

Geopolitical Protection

Manage business risk by proactively detecting relevant shifts in public opinion, hacktivism, and sociopolitical unrest that may increase vulnerability to your organization.

Threat Intelligence

Threat Intelligence

Get real-time, contextual intelligence to stay ahead of a rapidly changing cyber threat environment, empowering you to make fast, informed decisions.

We Address Your Customer Needs

As a Constella partner, you will have the power to remediate customers’ digital risk before it impacts their employees, brand, and bottom line.

External Threats

Executive & Employee Attacks
Insider Threats & Data Leaks
Disinformation & Brand Reputation Risks
Geopolitical Risks & Hacktivism

Internal Challenges

Limited Visibility into Emerging Threats
Lack of Actionable Intelligence
Shortage of In-house Experise

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