Geopolitical Intelligence Monitoring

Defend against and respond to attacks on physical assets or executives anywhere in the world.

Defend against and respond to attacks on physical assets or executives anywhere in the world. Using Geopolitical intelligence monitoring, manage business risk by proactively detecting relevant shifts in public opinion, hacktivism, and sociopolitical unrest that may increase vulnerabilities to your business.

Geography, language, and sociopolitical unrest substantially increases risk for organizations operating in multiple markets across the globe. This complexity translates into the potential for business disruption, often emerging from vendors, partners, or other third parties. Constella delivers geopolitical intelligence monitoring, by providing situational awareness, ensuring that your have time to act by proactively detecting relevant shifts in public opinion and sociopolitical unrest that may increase vulnerability or even physical risk to your executives or business.

Gain Situational Awareness to a Physical Attack Before It Happens

Empower accelerated decision-making with real-time contextual OSINT data on geopolitical mentions, threats and trends in key geographies or languages of interest—with real-time access to deep insights into shifting public opinion, polarization, and sociopolitical unrest.

  • Real-time event and location-based geopolitical monitoring
  • Identify the use of fabricated content to influence public opinion
  • Gain visibility into key online communities or activity that may escalate into a threat to your executives or facilities

Navigate Uncertainty During Times of Global Crisis with Geopolitical Intelligence Monitoring

Get the latest Threat Intelligence Insights & News into vulnerabilities created in times of global crisis, such as Russia’s war in Ukraine. Our threat intelligence team actively monitors the entire digital threat landscape and analyzes emerging cyber threats, suspicious discussions on social media, the surface, deep & dark web to gain geopolitical intelligence that may threaten your company, brand, or executives.

  • Detect shifts in public opinions, hacktivism, sociopolitical unrest
  • Real-time geopolitical event and location-based monitoring
  • Travel Risk – Situational awareness in a region or territory for better decision-making on
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Human Intelligence to Analyze Geopolitical-Driven Patterns of Activity

Continuously monitor for geopolitical threats that matter most — from emerging threats in specific regions to mentions tied to dangerous events. Centralize your search, alerting, and visualization to detect threats fast with real-time, location-based OSINT intelligence.

More Secure Asset and Individual Protection

Inform better strategic, operational, physical, and security-focused decision-making to protect what matters most, leveraging leading situational and influence-focused intelligence. Our unique, proprietary deepfakes detection technology empowers you to protect assets and individuals with confidence.

Heightened Responsiveness to Shifting Global Dynamics

Manage geopolitical security and the risk to physical assets or executives with timely contextual and situational intelligence that covers volatile, rapidly evolving global events or sociopolitical dynamics.

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world map - concerns about russian cyber threats


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