Phishing & Botnet Protection

Alert your customers to new identity threats before threat actors exploit it for account takeover or monetize it on the dark web

Comprehensive risk protection against exposed identities, domains and data leaks across the surface, deep and dark web

Detect Stolen Credentials and Personal Data Before It’s Weaponized

Phishing campaigns and Botnet attacks have risen 217% compared to last year and as many as 79% of US organizations experienced a successful phishing attack in  2021. Cybercriminals continue to harvest millions of individuals’ credentials and personal information (PII) every year, supplying them with valuable data that they can weaponize themselves or sell on the dark web.

Unfortunately, your customers don’t know that they have been victims of these attacks and that their data has been exposed until a breach occurs.

Malicious Emails

Typically disguised as a message from a trusted individual, phishing attacks seek to gain privileged access to information and resources

Fraudulent Social Media

Social media botnets are designed to appear as real users and ultimately deliver DDOS attacks, extract PII, or distribute disinformation

Deceptive SMS

Deceptive text messages lure users into revealing PII or to download infected applications or software

Infected Devices

Malware infected devices are interlinked and controlled by a single operator to launch large-scale attacks

email phishing attack prevention

Real-Time Alerts for Stolen Credentials and Personal Data (PII)

Constella Phishing and Botnet Protection identifies compromised credentials or personal information as its harvested by phishing campaigns or botnet malware before that stolen information appears on the dark web.

Constella delivers actionable, real-time alerts to your customers when their credentials or PII have been harvested before threat actors can exploit it for account takeover or sell it on the dark web.

Get Comprehensive Identity Protection with Phishing and Botnet

With Phishing and Botnet Protection, partners and customers can immediately take protective measures to thwart a breach or abuse of the stolen information—minimizing the potential for financial loss and personal disruption.

Customers of Phishing and Botnet Protection will also be prompted to reset passwords for compromised accounts before damage occurs and will have unique and immediate visibility into when they have been victims of an attack.

Customer PII Data leaks

Counterfeit products

Fraudulent Websites

Scams and Fraud

"Providing consumers with real-time, proactive notification of credential compromise, alerting them to change their passwords before their information appears on the dark web, will be essential in the coming years as phishing and botnet campaigns become more prevalent."

- Tracy Kitten, Director of Fraud & Security at Javelin Strategy & Research.


See Phishing & Botnet Protection in Action

The Constella Intelligence API is your best solution for Phishing & Botnet protection. Add it to your intelligence arsenal and prevent identity data from falling into the wrong hands in all Web locations.

It has the most comprehensive, accurate collection of curated identity breach data on the planet, with over 180 billion attributes and 124 billion breached identity records spanning 125 countries and 53 languages.

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Breached Identity Records
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Check your risk exposure to see if your company is vulnerable and to see Constella Phishing & Botnet Protection in action.

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