Dome Employee and Executive Protection Datasheet

Protect Thousands of Employees from Digital Risks

Accelerated digital transformation initiatives and the rise of remote work have made your employees and executives attractive targets. Cybercriminals use compromised credentials and exposed personal information to access critical systems and sensitive data, launch  ransomware and supply chain attacks, and create impersonation profiles.

Most organizations do not understand the scope of their employees and executives’ external digital footprints until after an attack has  disrupted operations and caused significant financial damage.

Protect Everyone in Your Organization

Constella Dome is the only Digital Risk Protection platform that protects all your employees and executives from external digital threats.

  • Automated monitoring, machine learning-powered analysis, expert systems and unlimited scalability can protect any size organization.

  • Real-time alerting on digital risks like compromised corporate credentials and exposed personal information enables you to block access or initiate takedown of exposed data before they can be used to launch an attack.

Dome Employee Protection dashboard image

Dome Employee Protection provides unmatched visibility of your employees’ external digital risks


  • Protects every employee and executive from external digital threats.

  • Scales to monitor your entire organization, not just a select few.

  • Increases visibility into external digital risks before they can disrupt your operations.

  • Accelerates response with fully automated monitoring and alerts.

  • Eliminates manual processes that consume limited staff resources.

  • Integrates with provisioning systems, technology stacks, and response workflows.

  • Reduces need for in-house expertise with applied best practices and integrated expert systems.

Choose Your Level of Protection

You can choose the right level of protection for your organization with Dome Employee Protection and Dome Executive Protection modules. The difference between the two modules is the data sources they continuously monitor for digital risks. Both modules provide the same core capabilities:

Automation and Scalability: Protect every employee and executive from external digital risks

Continuous Monitoring: Detect and mitigate external digital threats before they can disrupt your operations

Real-Time Response: Block compromised credentials and initiate takedown of exposed data before they are weaponized

Seamless Integration: Accelerate response by integrating with onboarding, analysis, and response systems

Dome Employee Protection

For your employees, the most common external digital risks include compromised credentials and exposed personal information. Bad actors use this information for a range of cyber attacks, including gaining access to corporate systems and data, Account Take Over (ATO), launching ransomware and phishing attacks, and Business Email Compromise (BEC).

Dome Employee Protection monitors three data sources to enable you to mitigate the risks:

  • Constella data lake:

    The industry’s largest collection of compromised identities with over 45 billion curated identity records spanning 15+ years.

  • Data brokers:

    Can collect up to 1,500 attributes about an individual that can be used to answer secondary authentication questions for identity verification, ATO, and BEC.

  • Surface Web:

    Publicly available sites that contain significant amounts of personal information that can be used to impersonate authorized users.

Dome Executive Protection

Executives and VIPs face the same digital risks as employees, as well as the potential for impersonation profiles, hacktivism, doxxing and reputation attacks that can affect their safety and your brand and market value. Dome Executive Protection monitors the same three data sources as Dome Employee Protection, as well thousands of additional proprietary and public data sources to detect a wider range of external threats:

  • Deep Web:

    Contains content not indexed or searchable by standard search engines, including personal data contained in private areas such as forums and communication apps.

  • Dark Web:

    Often contains stolen bank card data, Social Security and National Identity numbers, account numbers, and login credentials for sale in large blocks by cybercriminals.

  • Social Media:

    Detect malicious activity and hostile sentiment in messages across dozens of social media platforms.

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