Defeating Digital Risk, Together.

4IQ + ALTO =

We believe the way to defeat digital risk is by working together to safeguard what matters most.  Constella Intelligence combines 4iQ’s investigation platform and proprietary data lake, which archives more than 25 billion breach identity records, with Alto Analytic’s vast trove of public sphere data and best-in-class analytics to enable organizations to anticipate and mitigate risks to their business, their people, and their brand.

Constella Intelligence leverages the best capabilities of both companies to deliver complete, end-to-end digital risk protection.


Why Constella Intelligence?


Social and News Media Posts Analyzed

Amplify your risk prevention. Detect early signs of disinformation campaigns from thousands of data sources and billions of data points.


Breached Identity Records

Unmatched visibility. Real-time surface to dark web monitoring with the largest breach data collection on the planet.


Partner Assets Monitored

No more compromise. Our OEM data partners rely on us to protect their customers from identity threats.

Identity Monitoring

Comprehensive Protection Against Identity Threats

Confidently protect your people, your brand and your data with advanced identity protection that continuously monitors for criminal activity across the surface, deep and dark web.

Comprehensive Datasets for Enhanced Protection

Get in-depth insights into potential criminal activity using our proprietary technology that continuously monitors and collects billions of data points across a wide range of sources.

Continuous Tracking of Underground Activity

Identify sources of criminal activity across the surface, deep and dark web—including indexing millions of dark web pages, pastes, criminal forums, Telegram, IRC, and I2P pages.

Complete Insights from Surface to Underground

Comprehensive indexing and tracking of criminal forums on the surface web to detect and identify surface web leaks and valuable data or privileged access via online marketplaces.

Advanced Real-time Analysis and Alerts

Keep informed with real-time alerting powered by our advanced technology and experienced team of world-class analysts and security intelligence professionals.

Intelligence API

Combat Fraud and Account Takeover

Tap into the largest, most accurate identity-based data lake in the world. Easily integrate surface-to-dark web monitoring for identity, privacy & digital intelligence services that proactively reveals data exposures to fight fraud and account takeover in real-time.

Let us help you stay one step ahead