Use Cases

Threat protection

Digital transformation and a rapidly changing cyber threat environment are creating a new level of risk exposure for enterprises. Exacerbated by the increasing sophistication of threat actors and their tactics, techniques and procedures (TTP’s) organizations must improve the protection of their digital assets. Our solution delivers real-time intelligence and reporting that provides context about a threat and enables risk mitigation. We do this by applying the most sophisticated technology in the industry to monitor social media, and the surface, deep and dark web, integrating our highly experienced team of intelligence analysts to deliver real-time alerts and reporting on threats targeting your unique digital assets.

Efficient automation with AI and machine learning

Prioritize effectively with machine learning and AI to quickly automate data collection, research and intelligence to accelerate remediation actions. Our systems can integrate existing solutions such as Maltego and Splunk, process unstructured data from disparate sources and connect the dots—providing context on indicators of compromise (IoCs) and TTPs.

Contextual intelligence for fast identification and validation

Empower fast, well-informed decisions using real-time searchable data and timely alerts and intelligence that offer important context on malicious actors—including motivational context, capabilities, and IoCs.

Expansive range of sources, languages, and geographies

Create the most comprehensive view possible with real-time intelligence covering expansive data sources—from billions of surface to dark web data points in 53 languages across 125 countries—combined with expert analyst insights and threat intelligence seamlessly integrated into your workflows.

Deeper view into the deep, dark web

Confidently investigate the dark web with support from our expert analysts for best-in-class real-time alerting and dark intelligence—including hacker, criminal, extremist forums, invitation-only access.

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