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Protect Your Customers and Your Business from Threats Targeting Your Brand

Get the critical visibility you need to respond quickly to malicious activity before it can damage your most important asset​

Stop Threats Before Damage Occurs

Constella Dome Brand Protection continuously monitors your external threat landscape and delivers the critical visibility you need to stop threats in their tracks.

Defend Your Brand Against External Threats

Protect Customers, Employees, & Your Brand

Prevent diverse threats from damaging your brand reputation and bottom line

Eliminate Manual, Slow OSINT Collection

Automate manual processes that delay threat detection and response

Automate Takedowns

Remove malicious content faster, without relying on internal skillsets

Investigate Anonymous Threat Actors

Expose real-world identities and locations to malicious actors, pressure groups, and insiders

Continuous Monitoring

Accelerate Your Ability to Protect Your Brand

Dome’s automated monitoring of your external threat landscape eliminates manual OSINT collection and investigation that delays threat detection and response.

  • Continuous monitoring of the Surface, Deep, and Dark Web and Social Media closes gaps in awareness.
  • Automated analysis of billions of data points identifies malicious content and images targeting your brand.
  • Customizable threat models and context-rich alerts reduce false positives and increase effectiveness.
  • Automated takedown requests speed removal of content on social networks, domains, or mobile app stores.


Safeguard your Brand with Actionable Intelligence

Comprehensive awareness of threats enables you to prioritize response and mitigate threats faster

ML-Powered Malicious Domain Detection

Utilizes best-in-class detection technology to identify malicious sites targeting your customers, such as typo-squatting and phishing domains

Impersonation Identifications

Exposes impersonations with unmatched accuracy using proprietary algorithms, eliminating the false positives that overwhelm your team

Phishing Campaign Detection

Alerts you when your domain credentials are harvested during a phishing attack, before they are monetized or weaponized on the Dark Web


Monitors for your brand’s credentials and PII in Constella’s highly curated collection of over 66 billion breached identity records to prevent account takeover, social engineering attacks, and data loss

Investigate & Attribute Anonymous Threat Actors

Integration with the Constella Hunter investigation intelligence enables you to
quickly investigate malicious activity and attribute it to real-world identities.

  • Solve investigations 5x faster.
  • Links real identity information to obfuscated identities & malicious activity.
  • Identifies unknown connections between anonymous threat actors and malicious activity.
  • Creates threat actor profiles automatically using an AI-based classifier.

Brand Protection FAQ

Answers to a few of the questions you may have about Brand Protection.

Your brand faces a seemingly endless array of threats: Malicious domains, impersonation profiles, counterfeit products, exposed intellectual property, and even disgruntled insiders. 

An effective Brand Protection Software gives you the critical visibility you need to respond quickly and effectively to threats and take down fraudulent, harmful or malicious content before it can impact your relationship with your customers.

Your Brand Protection solution should provide:

  • ML-Powered Detection of Malicious Domains
  • Breach Intelligence
  • Insider Risk Detection
  • Social Media Impersonation Algorithms
  • Phishing Campaign Detection
  • Customizable Threat Models
  • Investigations & Attribution of Anonymous Threat Actors
  • Automated Takedown Requests
  • Alerts to cyber threats that have evolved into physical threats to your operations and employees

“Brand Abuse” is a general term to describe a myriad of malicious activity and content targeting your brand for the purpose of defrauding your customers or damage your brand.

Brand abuse damages your business’ reputation through lost revenue and lost trust from your customers and partners, which can have catastrophic consequences to any size business in any industry.

This list includes:

  • Counterfeit and pirated products
  • Impersonation websites
  • Rogue apps
  • Trademark misuse
  • Copyright infringement
  • Typo-squatting domains
  • Intellectual property theft
  • Data breaches

Learn about other types of brand attacks that are meant to deliberately target your reputation. [Brand Protection guide]

Brands must take a comprehensive approach to protect your relationship with customers in today’s diverse threat landscape. Most organizations do not have the resources or skillsets to continuously scan your brand’s digital presence. To wit:

  • Siloed data and teams are using isolated technology that doesn’t present a unified view
  • The tools used are not purpose-built for security functions and there is a heavy reliance on manual, ad-hoc monitoring
  • There is not enough staff who are trained to quickly detect and respond threats

Automated monitoring frees up your team from having to devote hours every day manually collecting and analyzing OSINT data. Instead, they can focus on mitigating threats targeting your brand and your customers.

Both terms represent false information that is spread by individuals or groups.

  • Misinformation describes the general spread of false information, whether or not the person knew the information was false.
  • Disinformation is false or inaccurate information that is deliberately framed to be deceptive to those who consume it.

Regardless of the intent, the effect on your brand can be significant. Brand Protection gives you early warning of conversations on Social Media and the Surface, Deep, and Dark Web so you can get in front of fake news and malicious campaigns.

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