Use Cases

Brand protection

Brands today face constant threats from sophisticated threat actors and malicious campaigns working to intentionally produce negative sentiment and false information about your brand. By posting online content 24x7 to influence consumer opinion across markets, geographies, languages and segments, your brand is subject to reputational damage, fraud and misuse. This new reality requires more intelligent safeguarding tools to identify, alert and drive quick, coordinated evidence-based action and takedown before reputational damage is done. Our comprehensive, real-time monitoring eliminates costly blind-spots, empowering leading global brands to thrive with confidence every day and in every digital environment where your brand is found.

Early detection and response to brand risk and attack

Minimize response time to take down brand attacks by identifying malicious campaigns, threat actors and indicators of compromise (IoCs) before situations escalate—monitoring global, 24-hour news cycles and social media with deep insight from the surface and dark web, including leaked and breached data.

Brand protection solutions in real-time

Our real-time monitoring reduces time to awareness by crawling hundreds of sources across the entire digital sphere from the dark, deep and surface web, including social media, to deliver real-time alerts on any information or internal data leaks that might pose a risk to your brand.

Global coverage for the global digital sphere

Monitoring all open sources available in 53 languages and 125 countries produces data and intelligence about your brand, your domains and your reputation that is critical to ensuring your reputation and brand integrity are protected.

Safeguard your brand with breach data and intelligence

Gain real-time insights and alerts from dark web data that identifies stolen or leaked information from you and your key partners or suppliers. This real-time intelligence helps you avoid reputational damage and bolster customer confidence in your brand.

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