Identity Monitoring Services

Advanced Protection Against Identity Threats​

Confidently protect your customer data and your brand with advanced identity protection services that continuously monitors for criminal activity across the surface, deep and dark web

According to the FTC, there were 4.8 million identity theft and fraud reports received in 2020, up 45 percent from 3.3 million in 2019. With an increase in impersonation & phishing attacks, ID theft and false identity attacks are growing exponentially. Constella’s Identity Monitoring enables identity theft providers, privacy & reputation, and anti-virus companies to confidently monitor & protect their sensitive data. Our API protects against account takeover & other cyber threats, identity verification, scoring & credential services.

Comprehensive Datasets for Enhanced Protection

Get in-depth insights into potential criminal activity using our proprietary technology that continuously monitors and collects billions of data points across a wide range of sources.

  • One of the largest collections of compromised identities available on the market.
  • Over 180 billion attributes and 124 billion breached identity records.
  • Insights curated from breach data and the surface, deep and dark web.

Continuous Tracking of Underground Activity

Identify and track sources of criminal activity across the surface, deep and dark web—including indexing of hundreds of millions of dark web pages, pastes, criminal forums, Telegram, IRC, and I2P pages.

  • Stay one step ahead of attackers to proactively identify exposures
  • Identify breached credentials to prevent further damage.
  • Gain insights into all stages of criminal activity, from planning to attack

Complete Insights from Surface to Underground

Comprehensive indexing and tracking of criminal forums on the surface web to detect and identify surface web leaks and valuable data or privileged access via online marketplaces.

  • Continuous monitoring of surface web data for exposed credentials.
  • Quickly identify stolen data to help prevent account takeovers.
  • View a comprehsive snapshot of users from breached, leaked or inadvertently exposed data.

Advanced Real-time Analysis and Alerts

Keep informed with real-time alerting powered by our advanced technology and experienced team of world-class analysts and security intelligence professionals.

  • Advanced warning and notifications to take immediate action.
  • Actionable intelligence to help improve response time.
  • Take action before exposed credentials get traded or shared.

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