Use Cases

Identity protection

Constella’s Identity Protection solution counts on one of the largest collections of compromised identities, including over 100 billion attributes and 25 billion curated identity records, to ensure that you can confidently protect your customer base by monitoring the dark, deep and surface web with superior identity theft protection services. Our advanced collection, tracking, curation, and extensive data expertise alongside our proprietary capabilities offer a safe bridge to monitor and detect stolen identities, providing tremendous value and protection to your customers.

Continuous tracking and indexing of surface, deep, and dark web

Continuously track sources of criminal activity across the surface, deep and dark web—including indexing of hundreds of millions of dark web pages, pastes, criminal forums, Telegram, IRC, and I2P pages.

Billions of data points for comprehensive identity protection

Create a comprehensive view of potential criminal activity on the deep web, protected forums, and closed sites using our proprietary technology—continuously monitoring billions of data points across a wide range of sources.

Surface web and leaked data detection

Detect and identify surface web leaks and valuable data or privileged access via online marketplaces, using our comprehensive indexing and tracking of criminal forums located on the surface web.

Advanced real-time analysis and alerts

Keep informed with real-time alerting, powered by our technology and experienced team of world-class analysts and security intelligence professionals.

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