Use Cases

Geopolitical protection

Geography, language, and sociopolitical context substantially increase risk for organizations operating in multiple markets across the globe. This complexity translates into the potential for real business disruption implying significant annual cost and operational impact—with over half of all businesses experiencing supply chain issues. No vendor, supplier, partner, third party, or organizational asset is immune. Constella’s strength lies in delivering geopolitical intelligence and cybersecurity, ensuring you have plenty of time to act by proactively detecting relevant shifts in public opinion, hacktivism, and even sociopolitical unrest that may increase vulnerability or risk to your business.

Accelerate decision-making with billions of data points

Empower accelerated decision-making with real-time contextual OSINT data on geopolitical mentions, threats and trends in key geographies or languages of interest—ensuring constant access to superior insights into shifting public opinion, polarization, and sociopolitical unrest.

More secure asset and individual protection

Inform better strategic, operational, physical, and security-focused decision-making to protect what matters most, leveraging leading situational and influence-focused intelligence.

Heightened responsiveness to shifting global dynamics

Effectively manage and mitigate organizational risk and the security of physical assets or individuals with timely contextual and situational intelligence that covers volatile, rapidly evolving global events or sociopolitical dynamics.

Enhanced anticipation fuelled by analyst intelligence

Empower your organization to better anticipate risks with rapid threat detection powered by our analysts—searching, monitoring, alerting, visualizing and delivering comprehensive intelligence reporting.

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