Use Cases

Fraud protection

Fraud dramatically impacts customers and the organization’s bottom line, yet almost always takes place outside corporate networks and secure domains. From account takeovers to scam campaigns, cybercriminals operate advanced tactics to harvest sensitive identity and financial data that are then sold on dark web forums and black markets. Constella’s fraud protection services powerfully reveal this largely hidden external fraud activity before damage is done, using the largest identity and data lake on the planet created from a decade of surface-to-dark exposed data collection.

Detect stolen assets, credit cards and leaked accounts

Breach data is the primary enabler for fraudulent activity and Constella is the leader in breach record collection and alerting. By constantly collecting credential information from dark web forums, paste sites and more, Constella empowers companies to stop scams before they happen, mitigating losses and avoiding customer service interruptions.

Investigate suspicious activity quickly and confidently

Our investigative capabilities combine billions of data records with link analysis, visualization and reporting, enabling emails, passwords, cryptocurrency information, IP addresses, domains, people, addresses and phone numbers to be linked with specific people, groups, bad actors or entities–bolstering visibility into fraudulent activities, accelerating suspicious activity reporting, and reducing future risk.

Effectively safeguard your customers’ accounts

Leverage our collection of billions of identity records in real-time to prevent customer account takeovers (ATOs) and other malicious efforts that use private customer data and credentials to gain access and steal assets.

Comprehensive intelligence for actionable insights

Gain actionable insight into fraudulent transactions, people or entities, using our extensive curated amalgamation of dark web, OSINT, and breach data combined with powerful social media intelligence.

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