Employee & Executive Digital Risk Protection

Protect All Your Employees and Executives, Not Just a Few

Identify threats targeting Executives & Employees in real-time to anticipate and remediate cyber risk

Executives and other high-profile individuals lead high-risk, mobile lives, increasing vulnerability to cyber risk and exposing their families and their circle of trust to potential threats. Whether it’s an online impersonation, leaked credentials, or confidential information exposed, these can all lead to severe damage. Constella Intelligence’s Executive & VIP Protection helps rapidly identify threats targeting high-profile individuals to mitigate risks before any damage can occur.

Defend Against Targeted

Defend your executives against targeted attacks, including sensitive data leaks, impersonations, phishing attacks, credential theft, ransomware, reputational and disinformation attacks, deepfakes and more.

  • Early detection of security events and data breaches to help prevent targeted attacks.
  • Increased situational awareness and insights into digital threats.
  • Custom solutions tailored for each Executive and VIP based upon activity and types of threats that matter most.

Understand and Anticipate Threats

Identify threats early and prevent cyberattacks with data collection and expert analysis from content derived from billions of records across social media and the surface, deep and dark web.

  • Activity-based monitoring to discover unknown risks and threats.
  • Real-time intelligence collected from proprietary and open data sources across 53 languages and 125 countries.
  • Trusted circles protection – including relatives, personal and professional contacts.

Increase Threat Visibility and Understanding

Gain increased visibility across the entire threat landscape, with complete insights from data collected across social media, exposed breaches, and the surface, deep and dark web.

  • Protect your identity, reputation, family, finances from cyber risks.
  • Historical and real-time insights into targeted threat actor activity.
  • Continuous monitoring for exposures to new breaches and vulnerabilities.

Enhance Decision-Making and Protection

Identify and anticipate potential threats to accelerate the decision-making process for remediation and takedown of your executives by using our proven algorithms to know your unknown threats.

  • Make quick, informed decisions to minimize risk.
  • Take action to remediate quickly and effectively.
  • Strenghten security posture using actionable intelligence and recommendations.

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