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Rapid digital transformation in the workplace, exacerbated by COVID-19, has caused cybercrime to rise by 600% during the pandemic. Bad actors target your employees and executives as access points to critical systems and sensitive data. Most organizations do not realize or monitor their employee’s digital footprints until it’s too late, causing significant financial and reputational damage to an organization.

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Compromised Employee Credentials are the Most Common Attack Vector

Most organizations don’t realize the risk that exposed corporate identities pose to their operations. IBM’s ‘Cost of a Data Breach Report – 2021’ states that compromised credentials were the most common initial attack vector in data breaches in 2020.

  • Breaches caused by compromised credentials had the highest average cost of USD 4.4 million, exceeding every other initial attack vector like phishing, software vulnerabilities, and malicious insiders.

  • They also had the longest lifespan and opportunity to cause the most damage inside a network—it took an average of 250 days to identify the breach and another 91 days to contain it.

Employee Credentials Have Been Weaponized​

Compromised employee credentials have been the source of some of the highest profile attacks in the last few years. Employees in IT, HR, Finance, and other departments have access to critical systems and sensitive data and are often easier to attack than executives. Recent network breaches caused by compromised employee credentials include:

  • Colonial Pipeline (US) – Compromised employee credentials used in ransomware attack that disrupted operations of pipeline network that carries 45% of all fuel in the Eastern US.
  • BA (UK) – Compromised partner credentials used to access 439K that resulted in a £20m GDPR fine.
  • Swisscom (CH) – Compromised partner credentials used to expose PII of 800K customers, roughly 10% of the country’s population.

Executives and VIPs Face Additional Threats Across the Dark Web and Social Media​

Executives and other VIPs in your organization, because of their public profile and leadership roles, are targeted for more than their credentials. These external digital risks can materialize across Social Media and the Surface, Deep, and Dark Web: 

  • Impersonation profiles and account takeover.

  • Hacktivism due to their stand on politics or social issues.

  • Doxxing of personal contact information that can put their family at risk as well.

Protect All of Your Employees with Constella ​

Now, for the first time, you can protect every employee and executive in your organization from external digital threats before those risks cause damage to your operations like account takeover or a ransomware attack.

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