Use Cases

Executive protection

Personal reputation and company reputation are becoming one and the same, making this a new attack vector for bad actors. Your executives' safety, finances and security are all under increasing threat by malicious actors looking to disrupt and do harm to high-profile, valuable executives and their families. Keeping up and protecting your executives with their fast-paced, high-profile lifestyles requires significant time, expertise, staff and tools. Without adequate resources and protection in place, it is almost impossible to protect your executives from financial, physical, and reputational harm, which also poses serious risk to your organization. Our comprehensive real-time monitoring and proprietary analytics are designed to keep you one step ahead of danger, providing advanced anticipation and early warning.

Always-on risk and threat visibility

Our technology collects content and billions of records from the dark web, deep web and social media to identify exposed information about executive's, including potential impersonations, where executive's are referenced, by whom and in what context, around the globe.

Real-time insights to stay ahead of malign actors

Personal Identifiable Information (PII) can be exploited to cause reputational harm and to attack personal assets. Our solution provides the most sophisticated breach collection and curation process in the industry, protecting over 20 million consumers by identifying compromised credentials, stolen PII, and harmful online content.

Superior intelligence for confident decisions

Make quick, informed decisions for remediation and takedown of risks to your key executive's by using our proven algorithms combined with sensitive PII found from exposed breaches for optimum remediation solutions.

Unique data sets to anticipate risk

We help protect over 25 million consumers by leveraging years of historical breach data and continuously collecting data from open sources for new and exposed sensitive information, delivering early remediation recommendations by identifying exposed credentials and personal vulnerabilities that can be exploited by bad actors or impersonators.

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