Domain Monitoring Tools

Domain monitoring is a critical first line of defense against cyber threats. Domain monitoring tools keep track of potential stolen domain credentials, identify when your domain has been compromised, and take action to mitigate the threat and minimize its impact on your business. These tools also help prevent domain expiration or theft. Domain monitoring allows you to take the necessary steps to renew your domains and prevent them from falling into the wrong hands.

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Why You Need to Monitor Domain Security and Respond Accordingly

Cybersecurity threats are constantly changing, increasing the risk of security breaches. Cyberattacks are typically the result of months or years of careful planning and preparation, and the right domain monitoring tools can detect and prevent them. If detected, a cyberattack can contain the damage to your business, saving you money and guarding your brand.

Use Constella Intelligence to Decrease Your Risk

Your cyber security strategy is only as strong as its weakest link—the best way to protect your security is to prevent breaches before they occur. Constella Intelligence mitigates threats and contains damage during an active cyberattack. Our domain monitoring tools:

Provide an easy-to-use dashboard for domain threat detection and mitigation.

Reduce the time you’d otherwise spend searching for compromised credentials.

Provide real-time alerts when your credentials are compromised.

Provide an extensive database of dark web activity.

Help you to defend against targeted attacks quickly.  

Enhanced anticipation fueled by analyst intelligence

Choose Constella Intelligence for unmatched cybersecurity. Without the right security, your domain is at risk of a security breach. Understand and anticipate threats to your domain by learning more about the real-time services we offer

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