Tracker Datasheet

Powering Intel Units in the Public and Private Sector.

Tracker is a software platform that supports the full intelligence cycle. Depending on the mission, it allows investigators to configure collection and gather information from across the surface, social, deep and dark web to identify “the needle in a haystack.”

At the core of Tracker, information is stored in an actionable way, so researchers can explore entities and relationships to gain insights on topics of investigations. As new information is gathered, you can configure the system to track, monitor and receive real-time alerts.

The built-in search capabilities allow analysts to locate useful information based on hierarchies, synonyms, relatedness, natural language processing, fuzzy searches, proximity searches and boolean operators.


  • Define Mission

  • Configure Sources and Taxonomies


  • Auto-extract, Disambiguate Entities

  • Auto-discover Relationships

Tracker cyber investigations Infographic


  • Produce & Publish Reports

  • Adjust Mission and Tune System


  • Query, Filter, Drill Down

  • Create Cases, Share Research


  • Supports the full Intelligence Cycle.

  • Collect & Fuse data from internal and external sources.

  • Configure, schedule and manage thousands of collection policies.

  • Automatic Entity Extraction and Enrichment.

  • Dynamic Taxonomies.

  • Automatic Linking & Powerful Analytics - Strong filtering, Network analysis, Maps and Geo-location, Time-series analysis etc.

  • Dashboards, Reports & Alerts.

  • Support different missions and Intel Units with granular access controls / permissions.

  • Secure collaboration, Investigation case files, internal and cross unit, comprehensive Audit logs.

  • Deploy software on-prem or in the cloud.

Collect & Fuse

Tracker can be configured to fuse external data sources with internal email, file systems and other document sources. Data is stored using Apache-SOLR. The system comes with 40+ built-in connectors to sources including crawlers, search engines, social networks, niche websites, bins, dark web meta-search engines, and more.

Additional highlights include:

  • Granular control over thousands of crawling policies

  • Secure Colloboration

  • Automatic linking and powerful analytics

  • Dynamic Taxonomies

  • Automatic entity extraction

  • Automatic enrichment

Tracker datasheet dashboard


  • Robust Integrated Data

    The largest collections of compromised identities, including over 100 billion attributes and 45 billion curated identity records spanning 125 countries and 53 languages.

  • Flexible Deployment

    Tracker can be deployed onpremise, in private cloud or managed by Constella in the public cloud.

  • Dashboard, Reports & Alerts

    Once the collected data has been analyzed, it can be presented to users in a variety of formats such as customized reports and visual graphs that show the relationships between entities.

  • Powerful Analytics

    Tracker allows analysts to visualize relationships between entities and search across all data at once to discover new relationships and surface previously hidden patters.

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