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Comprehensive, accurate, automated detection and tracking

Supporting the entire Intelligence Lifecycle, Tracker fuses internal and external data with powerful analytics for comprehensive detection and tracking. It consistently delivers the most accurate real-time asset protection, situational awareness, automated threat detection and workflow efficiency in the market: from planning through intelligence dissemination and multiple case management. Advanced filtering configuration, pattern matching, automatic entity extraction, relationship mapping and selective insight sharing further enhance Tracker’s powerful potential.

Multi-tenant, secure, scalable collaboration

Support different organizations (for MSSPs), missions or Intel Units (for Enterprises or LEAs) with granular access controls, permissions and sharing policies to isolate sensitive information and workspaces—configuring, scheduling and managing thousands of collection tasks/policies.

Powerful analytics and automation

Automatically discover hidden relationships and patterns using: automatic filtering, linking, network analysis, geo-location; AI, face and object recognition; Bot detection, time-series analysis, clustering and segmentation, NLP technology, Named Entity Recognition (NER), language detection and translators, OCR, sentiment analysis and text transcription from audio and video.

Custom threat intelligence models

Define and implement specific threat models for companies or verticals/use cases by defining taxonomies, assets, sources, trackings and filters—reducing customers’ risk profile through a more relevant, accurate and efficient threat intelligence workflow.

Fully supported intelligence cycle

Support the entire intelligence workflow of an analyst for increased efficiency and real-time, actionable intelligence—from planning & direction through to collection, processing & storage, analysis and dissemination of intelligence.

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