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The cyber-risk engine that powers leading identity theft providers, MSSPs, and risk-assessment technologies.

“In the US, 89% of attacks on web applications involved using stolen credentials or brute force attacks.”
– 2021 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report

Compromised credentials tell stories. Some credentials have been used to penetrate networks, some have been used to commit fraud, and some have facilitated account takeover. At Constella, our identity intelligence solutions interpret 37 billion+ credential stories to enable businesses and consumers take informed action.

Powered by machine learning and the most robust library of compromised credentials in the industry.

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Identity Protection Monitoring

Constella helps identity theft protection providers retain customers by providing accurate and actionable alerts from monitoring both the Deep and Dark Web (DDW), open surface web, as well as social media and source code repositories. When customers see value in every communication from your brand, they stick around.

Domain Monitoring

Uncovers data related to specific businesses, such as compromised employee credentials, Dunn & Bradstreet number, Employee Identification/Tax Identification. Alert your business customers to compromised corporate credentials and exposed confidential data before cybercriminals use it for fraud and other crimes.

Phishing & Botnet Protection

Identify compromised credentials or personal data when they are harvested by active botnets or phishing campaigns. Get immediate visibility into when you have been a victim of an attack
to take protective measures to thwart a breach or abuse of the stolen information—minimizing the potential for financial loss.

Vast, Fast, Vetted Identity Data

131+ billion

breached identity attributes

45+ billion

breached identity

Alerts issued in

30+ languages

10+ years

of historical data
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How We Make Your Brand Stronger

Constella Intelligence API powers the leading Identity Protection providers and enables you to access the largest, most accurate identity-based data lake on the planet to combat breaches, identity theft, fraud, and account takeover.


Constella’s proprietary technology continuously tracks identity-crime sources across the surface, deep and dark web—including indexing of hundreds of millions of dark web pages, pastes, criminal forums, Telegram, IRC, and I2P pages.


With over 300 attributes per record, our data lake gives you maximum flexibility to create custom queries to deliver maximum insight to your customers.


We carefully vet, de-dupe, and add context to filter out noise and optimize every identity record so that your customers see value in every communication.


Comprehensive indexing keeps data queries moving fast for real-time risk checks, alerts, and analysis.


We integrate with your existing identity and digital intelligence systems, layering in our vast, fast, and vetted data as well as  support for risk scoring and predictive analytics.


You can build a customized policy for each customer‘s unique alert descriptions, multi-language requirements, specific alert policies, and alert delivery types.


Our experienced team of world-class analysts and security intelligence professionals keep our offering on the cutting edge and support your brand’s evolving needs.


Constella is SOC 2 and PCI certified, GDPR compliant.


Trusted by leading identity theft providers and 30 million consumers.

Power up your brand. Our white-label API operates behind the scenes of your business and consumer-facing products,  enhancing your feature set, performance, and reputation.