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Comprehensive Digital Risk Protection Services for Your Customers

As a premier security and services provider, you need a proven data partner to help protect your customers against external threats.

Six of the ten top global identity theft brands rely on the Constella Intelligence API to deliver critical notifications for their customers.

Global Identity Theft Protection Services Market to Grow $10B to $24B (2022-2032). – Fact.MR

Our Constella Intelligence API delivers clear, accurate, and actionable alerts for your customers that directly address today’s
most urgent identity-based threats, including:

Takeover (ATO)

Malware &

& Reputation

Social Media


Identity Theft & Fraud


Grow Your Business with Constella Intelligence API

Many of the largest and most successful security and services providers rely on Constella Intelligence to create new revenue streams and improve customer retention. As our partner, you receive comprehensive visibility into your  customers’ external digital footprints, enabling you to deliver significant value to your customers. Our white-label Intelligence API operates behind the scenes of your products and services, enhancing your feature set, performance, and reputation.

We invest in research, engineering, customer success, and marketing to ensure our strategic partners can:

  • Gain unmatched threat visibility and industry expertise.
  • Provide comprehensive, continuous, automated monitoring of thousands of data sources across the Surface, Deep,
    and Dark web, as well as Social Media and Data Brokers.
  • Receive real-time alerts from the largest curated data lake of compromised identities and personal information (PII) in the industry.
  • Leverage our built-in legal and regulatory compliance, including SOC 2 and PCI certification and GDPR support,
    ensuring ethically harvested and processed threat intelligence in full compliance with US Government guidelines.

The Industry’s Largest Vetted Identity Data Lake

180+ billion Breached Identity Attributes

Alerts issued in

30+ languages

10+ years

of Historical Data

124+ billion Breached Identity Records

Comprehensive Visibility and Protection For Your Customers

The Constella Intelligence API gives you access to the industry’s most extensive data lake of curated breached identities. Advanced Machine Learning analyzes this data in real-time and converts billions of compromised identity records into vetted, information-rich, actionable insights.

This powerful combination delivers unmatched visibility at scale for any number of customers. You can easily integrate curated Constella data into your service offerings without the costs associated with performing your own data collection and investigation.

Full Range of Service Options to Offer Your Customers

The Constella Intelligence API enables you to deliver the protection your customers need, alerting them before their information becomes weaponized. You can offer a range of search and monitoring services, including:

  • Deep Web/Dark Web Monitoring detects more than 40 types of exposed consumer information, such as passwords, bank cards, driver licenses, and SSN/national IDs, with the ability to add more if needed.
  • Phishing/Botnet Monitoring identifies compromised credentials or personal data when they are harvested by active botnets or phishing campaigns.
  • Surface Web Monitoring discovers exposed credentials and personal data in social networks, search engines, forums and blogs, file sharing sites, source code repositories, and dark web metadata.
  • Account Takeover (ATO) Monitoring detects compromised usernames, emails, passwords, and other credentials used for ATO attacks, including credential stuffing / cracking.
  • Password Monitoring flags weak or compromised passwords applied during customer onboarding and account creation.
  • Domain Monitoring uncovers exposed business-related data, such as compromised employee credentials, Dun & Bradstreet information, Employee Identification/Tax Identification numbers, and more.

Deliver High-Value, Actionable Alerts to Your Customers

Your customers will know in real-time when their compromised credentials or personal information have been found across Social Media, the Surface, Deep, or Dark Web when you partner with Constella Intelligence.

The Constella Intelligence API enables you to deliver accurate, detailed, timely, and actionable alerts to your customers as soon as we detect a new exposure. The alerts contain the essential information and context your customers need to understand the scope of their exposure and how to respond, including:

  • Detailed descriptions of the compromised data and attribution to specific domains (when possible).
  • Last password characters that allow your customers to recognize the specific exposed password and change it in other systems in the event of password re-use.
  • Recommendations for how your customers can respond and reduce their risk to the exposure.
  • Optional masking of exposed data to your customers to prevent accidental disclosure of sensitive data.
  • Exposed Identity, Confidence, Attribution, and Authenticity scores that provide ratings on the overall risk of the exposure as well as the accuracy of the data contained in the alert.
  • Multi-language support that can generate alerts in over 30 languages, and recognize over 40 national ID number formats.
API Dashboard
API Dashboard Provides a Summary of Relevant Data Breaches Affecting Your Customers

Built By and For Experienced Security Professionals

We engineered the Intelligence API to give you the ability to deliver exceptional proactive protection and ensure customer confidence and loyalty, even as the threat landscape continues to evolve. The Intelligence API features:

  • Operational orientation helps you manage alert levels during active attacks, including prioritized notifications for major customer breaches and notification throttling.
  • Partner-friendly architecture for rapid integration with your existing identity and digital intelligence systems, creating clear market differentiation and enhanced revenue opportunities.
  • Exceptional range of identity attributes, with collection and analysis of up to 250 attributes per identity.
  • Thorough data validation and verification to eliminate duplicate records and inaccurate data and alerts, significantly reducing call volume to your help desk related to alerts.
  • High performance analytics that respond quickly to complex data queries, enabling real-time risk checks, searches, analysis, and alerts.
  • Built-in legal and regulatory compliance, including SOC 2 and PCI certification and GDPR support, ensuring ethically harvested and processed threat intelligence in full compliance with US Government guidelines.
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How We Make Your Brand Stronger

Constella Intelligence API powers the leading Identity Protection providers and enables you to access the largest, most accurate identity-based data lake on the planet to combat breaches, identity theft, fraud, and account takeover.


Constella’s proprietary technology continuously tracks identity-crime sources across the surface, deep and dark web—including indexing of hundreds of millions of dark web pages, pastes, criminal forums, Telegram, IRC, and I2P pages.


With over 300 attributes per record, our data lake gives you maximum flexibility to create custom queries to deliver maximum insight to your customers.


We carefully vet, de-dupe, and add context to filter out noise and optimize every identity record so that your customers see value in every communication.


Comprehensive indexing keeps data queries moving fast for real-time risk checks, alerts, and analysis.


We integrate with your existing identity and digital intelligence systems, layering in our vast, fast, and vetted data as well as  support for risk scoring and predictive analytics.


You can build a customized policy for each customer‘s unique alert descriptions, multi-language requirements, specific alert policies, and alert delivery types.


Our experienced team of world-class analysts and security intelligence professionals keep our offering on the cutting edge and support your brand’s evolving needs.


Constella is SOC 2 and PCI certified, GDPR compliant.


Trusted by leading identity theft providers and 30 million consumers.

Power up your brand. Our white-label API operates behind the scenes of your business and consumer-facing products,  enhancing your feature set, performance, and reputation.

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Identity Protection Monitoring

Constella helps identity theft protection providers retain customers by providing accurate and actionable alerts from monitoring both the Deep and Dark Web (DDW), open surface web, as well as social media and source code repositories. When customers see value in every communication from your brand, they stick around.

Domain Monitoring

Uncovers data related to specific businesses, such as compromised employee credentials, Dunn & Bradstreet number, Employee Identification/Tax Identification. Alert your business customers to compromised corporate credentials and exposed confidential data before cybercriminals use it for fraud and other crimes.

Phishing & Botnet Protection

Identify compromised credentials or personal data when they are harvested by active botnets or phishing campaigns. Get immediate visibility into when you have been a victim of an attack
to take protective measures to thwart a breach or abuse of the stolen information—minimizing the potential for financial loss.