Intelligence API

Deep, compliant, easy to use, scalable integration

Tapping into the largest, most accurate identity-based data lake on the planet, Intelligence API powerfully expands your clients’ abilities to combat fraud and account takeover. Effortlessly integrating with existing identity and digital intelligence systems, Intelligence API offers expansive real-time surface-to-dark web monitoring and the potential for added layers of risk scoring and predictive analysis. As an OEM/White Label provider, we ensure data accuracy so you and your customers are both compliant and confident.


Most comprehensive and accurate data coverage

Scan open web sources, underground forums, black markets, and remote corners of the deep and dark webs to curate the industry’s largest collection of 25+ billion validated, curated records.


No more compromise

Search, monitor and alert users of potential compromising threats and account takeovers fast—with over 400+ attributes, we power the best brands to be leaders in their spaces!


Improved scoring and foresight

Use our data to bolster your predictive scoring models to identify and mitigate fraud—improving security posture.


Amplify your risk prevention

Bolster services with additional cyber intelligence and insight, whether identity corroboration or affirmation, helping you save millions in fraud prevention.

Tremendous scale

Be confident using API that’s simple yet powerful, providing vast scale and protecting millions of subscribers for the largest Identity Providers in the world.

Full & robust data coverage

Gain advantage by offering comprehensive data coverage—from surface to deep and dark web and including the largest breach data collection on the planet with over 100 billion attributes and 25 billion curated identity records spanning 125 countries and 53 languages, comprising massive networks and 10+ years of historical data.

Quality intelligence

Provide your customers the most accurate intelligence available, using raw data that goes through a rigorous process of analysis, verification, and curation to ensure detail validity

Greater flexibility

Offer much greater flexibility to customers through custom configurations that respond directly to their unique needs and use cases

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Intelligence API


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