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Protect Thousands of Employees from External Digital Threats

Bad actors target anyone in your organization they think have access to valuable systems and sensitive information, not just executives. Now, for the first time, you can protect every employee in your organization who has access to confidential data and systems.

Dome Employee Protection enables you to defend every employee from external digital & physical risks with automated, continuous mapping, monitoring and alerting of critical elements of your employees’ digital footprints.

Executive Cyber Protection executive summary

Protect Every Employee in Your Organization

Dome’s unlimited scalability means you can protect every employee in your organization who has access to sensitive data and systems, not just the executives.

  • Automated, continuous mapping and monitoring of your employees’ external digital footprints.
  • Real-time alerting and prioritization of digital risks like exposed corporate credentials, personal information being sold by data brokers, and PII exposed on the Surface Web.
  • Revoke compromised credentials and initiate takedown of personal information before bad actors can weaponize the data.

Leverage Public and Proprietary Data for Global Visibility

  • Constella’s data lake is the industry’s largest collection of compromised identities with over 124B breached identity records spanning 15+ years.
  • The Constella Intelligence team vets the accuracy of the data to ensure relevance and timeliness.
  • Continuous monitoring provides global visibility of exposed data across 53 languages and 125 countries.

Operationalize Digital Risk Protection with Enterprise-Ready Integrations

Built-in integrations with your provisioning systems, security tools, and response workflows accelerate your existing systems and processes.

  • Enhance SIEM, SOAR, and TIP effectiveness by incorporating external digital risk intelligence.
  • Active Directory integration ensures fast onboarding and auto-provisioning of employees.
  • Dome begins generating actionable insights in minutes, not days.
  • ServiceNow integration speeds ticketing workflows.

Increase Effectiveness with Customizable Threat Models

Tune Dome’s threat models to receive alerts for specific threats, as well as, adapt to your internal policies and industry.

  • Modify the policies to fit your unique requirements.
  • Receive exactly the information you need.
  • Eliminate low-value alerts to reduce the time before you act.

Save Time and Eliminate Manual Processes with Automated Monitoring & Analysis

Single pane of glass console delivers a holistic view of risk across your entire enterprise.

  • Eliminates manual processes and isolated threat models.
  • Automated, machine learning-powered analysis delivers faster access to critical insights on your employees.
  • Unmatched scalability enables you to protect all your employees in minutes.

Employee Protection FAQ

Answers to a few of the questions you may have about Employee Protection.

“Digital footprint” refers to the data trail you leave—whether through online activity or third-party representations—distributed throughout the internet. 

Stay aware of the imprint your company or employees with proactive online reputation management strategies and continuous monitoring provided by Dome, Constella’s external digital risk protection platform. 

Check out our full Corporate Digital Footprint Guide for more detail about how to protect it.

Eliminating ransomware is difficult and the best way to avoid the consequences is to prevent it from wreaking havoc with the following steps:

1. Maintain Backups
If your systems get infected with ransomware, you can confidently keep business operations running and seamlessly restore your data. Be sure to keep an offline copy of your backup!

2. Conduct Ransomware Security Training
Train employees on the warning signs of ransomware attacks and phishing schemes.

3. Enable Email Security
Your email system should automatically filter out suspicious emails to limit your employees’ exposure to phishing attacks or nefarious hyperlinks.

4. Update Your Systems
Regular OS updates patch exploitable vulnerabilities, keep your system secure from some types of ransomware and malware.

5. Secure Your Credentials
An exposure risk assessment will flag areas where your data may have been harvested and help identify your next steps to securing your credentials.

6. Protect Your Employees
Dome Employee Protection is the best approach to proactive cybersecurity protection with automated, continuous mapping and monitoring of your employees external digital footprint.

Learn more about 6 Best Practices for Ransomware Prevention

There are five main phases to cybersecurity risk assessment to ensure your system is protected:

  1. 1.  Prepare: Establish the scope of the assessment—Are you looking at a small portion or the entire cybersecurity framework?
  2. 2.  Frame: Contextualize to answer questions like, “Where does this risk create a vulnerability?” and, “If the risk turns into a breach, how would it affect other systems?”
  3. 3.  Assess: Determine the adverse impact and likelihood of occurrence of each threat. Then, rank each threat based on its severity.
  4. 4.  Respond: Conduct tests to identify the best solution for eliminating threats to your system before implementation.
  5. 5.  Monitor: Continual evaluation is essential to ensuring your cybersecurity strategy remains effective.

Read our full guide on “How to Conduct a Cybersecurity Risk Assessment” for more detail about these five steps.

Prevent fraudulent use of your PII and online credentials by taking these first steps to protect your identity:

  • Enroll in an identity theft and credit monitoring service and freeze your credit to prevent any lines of credit to be opened using your SSN. 
  • Proactively monitor your presence with a service that will alert you to dark web exposures of your SSN, email address, and usernames.
  • Become familiar with how to identify phishing attempts, suspicious links, website security, password hygiene best practices, and general online safety awareness.

Additional Resources: Limiting your data exposure ; How to protect your child’s online identity.

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