Dome Employee Protection Datasheet

Protect Thousands of Employees from Digital Risks

Bad actors target anyone in your organization they think will have access to valuable systems, not just executives. Unfortunately, many organizations lack any real understanding of their employees’ digital footprints and potential attack surfaces.

Now, for the first time, you can protect every employee in your organization who has access to confidential data and systems.

Protect Every Employee in Your Organization

Dome is the first Digital Risk Protection platform that can protect all your employees. Its unlimited scalability and machine learning-powered analysis begin generating real-time, actionable intelligence within minutes, for any size organization.

Dome’s automated, continuous mapping and monitoring of critical elements of your employees’ external digital footprints provides essential visibility so you can respond faster to threats:

  • Receive real-time alerting of digital risks like exposed corporate credentials and personal information being sold by data brokers or exposed on the Surface Web.

  • Revoke compromised credentials and initiate takedown of personal information before bad actors can weaponize the data.

Dome Employee Protection dashboard image

Dome Employee Protection provides unmatched visibility of your employees’ external digital risks


  • Protects every employee who has access to confidential or regulated data.

  • Scales to monitor thousands of employees.

  • Accelerates awareness with fully automated monitoring and analysis.

  • Saves time and eliminates manual processes.

  • Increases visibility into external digital risks targeting employees.

  • Integrates with provisioning systems, technology stacks, and response workflows.

  • Reduces need for in-house expertise with applied best practices and integrated expert systems.

Protect Your Employees from External Digital Risk:

  • Continuous Monitoring:

    Dome automatically monitors critical aspects of your employees’ digital footprints to identify external cyber threats across 53 languages and 125 countries.

  • Operationalize Protection

    Enterprise-ready integrations with your provisioning systems, SIEM/SOAR/TIPs, and response workflows speeds onboarding and response.

  • Customizable Threat Models

    Tune rules to receive alerts for specific threats or adapt to your internal policies and industry, maximizing value.

  • Increased Effectiveness

    Automated monitoring eliminates manual process and makes your security team more effective.

  • Accelerated Response

    Real-time alerting and prioritization of digital risks like exposed corporate credentials puts essential information at your fingertips.

  • Global Visibility

    Comprehensive public and proprietary data includes the Constella data lake—the industry’s largest collection of compromised identities with over 45 billion curated identity records spanning 15+ years.

External Digital Risk table example


Unmatched Visibility

  • Continuous monitoring of billions of public digital data points to monitor conversations and brand activity.

  • Know scope of risks before they disrupt your operations.

Continuous Monitoring

  • Automated mapping and monitoring eliminates blindspots.

  • Continuous searching for employees’ data in thousands of sources.

Accelerated Protection

  • Automated analysis delivers alerts in real-time.

  • Mitigate risks effectively before they disrupt operations.

Comprehensive Awareness

  • Single pane of glass console delivers overall view of risk.

  • Eliminates isolated threat models and siloed monitoring.

Accurate, Actionable Insights

  • Curated, validated data improves alert accuracy.

  • Information-rich alerts improve SOC efficiency.

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