Dome Digital Risk Protection Platform​ Datasheet

Protect Your People, Data, and Brand from Cyber and Physical Threats

External threats targeting your organization come in many forms: Account takeover using stolen credentials to gain access to valuable data, brand abuse to defraud customers, or hostile cyber or physical activity attempting to disrupt your operations.

Unfortunately, most organizations do not understand the scope of their exposure to these types of external threats. The information used to target their executives and employees, their online presence, their critical infrastructure, or their supply chains all resides on systems and platforms outside of their control.

Protect Your Organization from Cyber and Physical Threats

Constella Dome is the only Digital Risk Protection platform that delivers automated, scalable Executive and Employee Protection, Brand Defense, and Geopolitical Protection for any size organization.

Dome’s continuous monitoring across the Surface, Deep, and Dark Web and Social Media delivers real-time alerts on external digital risks. You’ll receive detailed, actionable insights when we detect cyber or physical threats like executive impersonation, compromised credentials, fraudulent web sites, disinformation campaigns, or protest events. These context-rich alerts enable you to respond to the threat before it can put your people at risk, harm your reputation, or damage your critical infrastructure.
Dome Platform dashboard image
Dome provides unmatched visibility of your organization’s external digital risks


  • Scales to monitor your entire organization, not just a select few executives, domains, or locations.

  • Accelerates response with fully automated monitoring and context-rich alerts.

  • Eliminates manual processes that consume limited staff resources.

  • Integrates with provisioning systems, technology stacks, and response workflows.

  • Reduces need for in-house expertise with applied best practices, detailed recommendations, vectors of attacks, and integrated expert systems.

Choose Your Level of Protection

You can choose the right amount of protection for your organization with Dome’s modular architecture. Each module delivers the
same core capabilities:

Automation and Scalability: Protect any number of executives and employees, brands, or locations.

Continuous Monitoring: Detect and mitigate external digital threats over time, before they can disrupt your operations.

Real-Time Response: Block compromised credentials, initiate takedown of exposed data, or identify threat actors.

Seamless Integration: Accelerate response by integrating with onboarding, analysis, SOC response, and ticketing systems.

Dome Executive Protection / Dome Employee Protection

Protect your executives and employees from threat actors who use exposed credentials and personal information to access corporate data and systems, or create impersonation profiles. In extreme cases, these cyber threats can evolve into physical threats, putting them and their families at risk.

  • Dome Employee Protection module monitors the Constella data lake, Data Brokers, and the Surface Web for compromised corporate credentials and personal information.

  • Dome Executive Protection module builds on the protection in Dome Employee Protection with detection of impersonation profiles, hacktivism, doxxing, and reputation attacks. It monitors the Deep and Dark Web and Social Media for compromised data, hostile communications, and malicious activity directed against executives.

Dome Brand Defense

Protect your brand, your relationship with your customers, and your revenue from damage. Dome Brand Defense module enables
you to respond faster to malicious activity before it disrupts your business:

  • Detect and take down a broad range of threats as soon as they appear, including typo-squatting and phishing sites, fake profiles, and misleading content on social media channels.

  • Know when threatening communities, conversations, and threat actors are discussing your brand on closed forums and messaging platforms.

  • Learn when your corporate credentials, confidential data or intellectual property such as source code has been leaked.

Dome Geopolitical Protection

Quickly discover global and regional risks and threats to your organization’s initiatives and programs by assessing their potential impact. Gain critical intelligence to inform your decisions and response strategy.

  • Awareness of rapidly evolving local political, economic, and social situation within or across geographic regions.

  • Discover and gain visibility into key communities and an actors’ online activity that may evolve into a threat to executives or facilities.

  • Identify the use of fabricated content to damage reputation or influence public opinion.

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