Our offer

Risk intelligence

Customized, actionable, world-class analysis and reporting

Through customized analysis and exceptional reporting, Risk Intelligence turns vast public data into actionable business intelligence, quickly and efficiently. Our world-class data experts are 100% focused on your concerns, partnering for better anticipation and threat prevention—from phishing to Account Take Over (ATO), impersonation, malign influence campaigns, cybersquatting and more. Leading organizations and executive's worldwide depend on Risk Intelligence daily to simplify their work and successfully safeguard what matters.

Unique, powerful visualizations

Communicate data-rich intelligence with ease and efficiency, when and where it counts, using rich, complex insights made clear and concise through our unique approach to high-impact data visualization.

Customized analysis and precision reporting

Deliver against your specific strategic goals, using analyses and precision reporting designed to provide unique insights that are relevant and immediately actionable for better decision making.

Diverse cyber-intelligence services

Leverage the power of AI, big data, and advanced analytics in the protection of Executive, Brand, Threat, Fraud, Geopolitical, Dark Web and more—using our unique combination of advanced technology and expert analysis.

Co-created and tailored project design

Ensure a precise and effective consultative approach to projects, co-creating requirements and addressing any specific intelligence need or research question through a tailored, ad-hoc response.

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