Dome Brand Protection Datasheet

Protect Your Customers and Your Business from Threats Targeting Your Brand

Your brand faces a seemingly endless array of threats: Malicious domains, impersonation profiles, counterfeit products, exposed intellectual property, disgruntled insiders, even physical attacks against employees and facilities.

Dome Brand Protection gives you the critical visibility you need to respond quickly and effectively to these threats before they can cause damage.

Stop Threats Before Damage Occurs

Dome’s automated monitoring of your external threat landscape eliminates manual OSINT collection and investigation that delays threat detection and response:

  • Continuous monitoring of the Surface, Deep, and Dark Web and Social Media closes gaps in awareness.

  • Automated analysis of billions of data points identifies malicious content and images targeting your brand.

  • Customizable threat models and context-rich alerts reduce false positives.

Dome Delivers a Consolidated View of Diverse External Threats


  • Detects malicious cyber activity before it becomes a physical threat to your facilities, customers, and employees.

  • Reduces response times with fully automated monitoring and context rich alerts.

  • Accelerates time-to-value with rapid onboarding and self-service configuration.

  • Improves business resilience with real-time detection and automated takedown requests.

Dome Brand Protection Capabilities

Dome Brand Protection delivers the visibility and actionable intelligence you need to identify, prioritize, and mitigate risks to your brand:

ML-Powered Detection of Malicious Domains

  • Utilizes best-in-class detection technology to identify malicious sites targeting your customers, such as typo-squatting and phishing domains

  • Delivers highly accurate alerts with very low rate of false positives that reduce your team’s alert fatigue and accelerates response

Breach Intelligence

  • Monitors for your brand’s credentials and PII in Constella’s highly curated collection of breach data to prevent account takeover, social engineering attacks, and data loss

  • Creates a risk score that measures the risk to the brand, based on the source of the compromised data

Insider Risk Detection

  • Identifies employee credentials and corporate assets (i.e., IP addresses & domains) that are active on the Dark Web forums, marketplaces, and malicious websites

  • Provides awareness of potential engagement with anonymous threat actors

Social Media Impersonation Algorithms

  • Detects impersonations with a high degree of accuracy by measuring similarities across many profiles

  • Eliminates hours of manual investigation by scarce internal resources

Phishing Campaign Detection

  • Detects when your domain credentials are harvested during a phishing attack, before they are monetized or weaponized on the Dark Web

  • Provides near real-time awareness of in-progress phishing attacks so you can block compromised credentials immediately

Customizable Threat Models

  • Provides maximum flexibility for you to modify the threat models within the Dome platform to match your requirements

  • Increases the effectiveness of your teams by reducing alert fatigue and false positives

Investigation & Attribution of Anonymous Threat Actors

  • Enables you to rapidly investigate and attribute anonymous threat actors with built-in integration with Constella Hunter

  • Identifies unknown connections between anonymous threat actors and their activity

Automated Takedown Requests

  • Automatically requests removal of content on social networks, domains, or mobile app stores

  • Eliminates reliance on in-house expertise to deal with content providers, social media platforms, and domain registrars to take down content and site

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