Next-generation Cyber Intelligence Software - Fast. Scalable. Real-time.

The most advanced premium data-driven cyber intelligence software tool on the market.

Analyzer drives better decision-making for organizations worldwide, 24×7. By mapping, clustering, and analyzing vast amounts of digital data in real-time, it creates a precise, clear, actionable insight from disparate digital conversations across geographies and languages.


Unique AI cyber intelligence software technology for unique decisions

Power greater business success through sophisticated decision-making analysis using cutting-edge proprietary technology and exclusive next-generation algorithms that employ machine learning, deep learning, networks topology, and other advanced techniques to model billions of public data points as networks of entities and relationships in real-time.


Outstanding insights across any language or geography

Provide real-time, high-precision filtering across 53 languages and 125 countries using our proprietary geo-influence algorithms and AI models. Stay ahead of emerging threats, like deepfake videos, with our unique deepfakes detection capabilities and early detection of relevant digital activity with our cyber intelligence software.


Powerful visualizations for exclusive viewpoints

Communicate unique insights clearly and effectively across any organization with exceptional real-time graphic representations of complex datasets, without limitations to what you can visualize. 


Scalable features with unlimited combinations

Powerfully combine Constella’s cyber intelligence software functionalities to do what you need without limits: conduct fuzzy logic searches, personalize dashboards, automate coordinated/ unauthentic/ malicious network alerts, generate professional reports and integrate insights into existing third-party CRM or ERP systems.

Dynamic collaboration across the organization

Collaborate across organizational boundaries from any laptop, tablet or smartphone, securely sharing insights, visualizations and customized real-time reports—using unique features such as insight exporting, multi-level AI-based tagging and our Alert & API Exchange Module

Premium deepfakes threat detection capabilities

Our premium proprietary technologies, like Constella’s deepfakes detection capabilities, empower you to leverage unmatched visibility of the digital sphere to safeguard against emerging threats like deepfake videos and other synthetic media.

Trusted, dedicated servers

Be confident that data is secure with dedicated Amazon and Google servers to deliver the highest quality results—tracked, analyzed and interpreted with guaranteed precision, accuracy, and reliability

Privacy and security controls

Protect users with powerful security mechanisms built into our cyber intelligence software, such as off-the-shelf multi-level access, enabling management at group or project level

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