External Risk Protection from Threats Targeting Your People, Brand, and Assets

Continuously monitor thousands of data sources across the public, deep & dark web to gain the insights you need to detect and act on emerging cyber-physical threats before damage occurs.

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One Platform

Comprehensive Protection

External risk protection across the entire threat landscape.
Detect and respond to external threats faster with real-time, actionable intelligence.

Employee & Executive Protection

Employee & Executive Protection

Protect 1,000s of key employees and executives against cyberattacks targeting your organization before bad actors disrupt your operations.

Brand Protection

Brand Protection

Proactively defend against threats targeting your brand & reputation by gaining deeper insights into the behavior and activities involved in influencing a cyber-attack.

Identity Monitoring

Identity Monitoring

Reduce the risks created from exposed data and identity information found in open sources on the surface, social, deep, and dark web.

Geopolitical Risk Protection

Geopolitical Risk Protection

Manage business risk by proactively detecting relevant shifts in public opinion, hacktivism, and sociopolitical unrest that may increase vulnerability to your organization.

Fraud Protection

Fraud Protection

Solve investigations 5x faster. Investigate suspicious activity to discover fraud and expose the true identity and location of threat actors, activist networks & insiders.

What Customers are Saying

With Constella, we uncovered the real identity of a bad actor that led us to a criminal group selling credentials from our financial institution in a matter of hours, saving us +$100M from identifying fraudulent credit cards.”
Top 5 Global Bank

“The knowledge we get from Constella’s research will inform global policy discussions on the role of disinformation in areas where the UNDP operates.”

Arvind Gadgil | Director of UNDP
Oslo Governance Center

Customer Testimonial Video

"DOME is worth the investment for protective operations & intelligence teams. The Constella team approaches the customer experience from a partnership perspective ...  from initial contact to day-to-day support, is so easy for the client."

Global Threat Analysis Manager

Detect and Disrupt Emerging Threats

Detect and Act on More Threats Faster to keep Employees, Executives & Physical Assets Safe

Actionable Investigative Intelligence

Accelerate your investigations by unmasking threat actors faster. Analyze monikers, enrich information with other datasets to expose true identities & location from obfuscated identities of threat actors, activist networks & insiders.

Proactive Protection

Monitor thousands of data sources and billions of data points to discover external cyber-physical threats targeting your executives, brand, domain, or location – identify and disrupt emerging threats before a breach occurs.

Rapid Response

Instant alerting to initiate takedown of fraudulent websites and content, exposed credentials and other personal data, domains, or activist attacker campaigns - at scale.

Why Constella Intelligence?


Social and News Media Posts Analyzed

Amplify your risk prevention. Detect early signs of disinformation campaigns from thousands of data sources and billions of data points.


Breached Identity Records

Unmatched visibility. Real-time surface to dark web monitoring with the largest breach data collection on the planet.


Partner Assets Monitored

No more compromise. Our OEM data partners rely on us to protect their customers from identity threats.

Constella Dome

Protect your people, brand, and assets in a single platform

Our automated external risk protection platform protects you from cyber and physical threats by continuously monitoring your organization’s digital footprint across Social Media, Surface, Deep and Dark web.


Make Threat Intelligence Actionable

Profile threat actors faster with advanced monitoring analysis, automated early warning and intelligence alerts. Comprehensive detection and tracking collects and fuses internal and external data with powerful analytics to support the entire Intelligence Lifecycle.


Know Your Adversaries

Analyzer transforms billions of public data points and digital conversations into actionable cyber-intelligence to stay ahead of emerging threats. Advanced AI and real-time visualizations maps, clusters and analyzes digital data, identifies trends, sentiment and networks of activity to stop an attack before it occurs.


Uncover Threat Actors Faster

Accelerate your investigations and delve deeper into the risks threatening your business. Conduct targeted analysis to identify real world identities behind critical threats and disrupt malicious actors in their tracks—managing multi-source data, spotting connections and identifying networks of activity.

Intelligence API

Combat Fraud and Account Takeover

Tap into the largest, most accurate identity-based data lake in the world. Easily integrate surface-to-dark web monitoring for identity, privacy & digital intelligence services that proactively reveals data exposures to fight fraud and account takeover in real-time.

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